The “Cougar” may not fit Eva. Cougars are supposed to be aggressive and active in their search for younger dudes. Eva is passive and re-active. “Men approach me,” she says. “In restaurants, in stores, in the street. I don’t approach them. I’m really very shy. I don’t even tell men that I posed nude and had sex with a man I only met once in the studio and never saw or heard from again. No one has ever recognized me from my magazines or from SCORELAND. What I don’t understand is that when I was a young woman, I never got all this attention, not even from older men. I know what the English term MILF means and even though I never had a child, I don’t mind being called one. I take it as a compliment.” Pro-porn Englishman Marino (no relation to the former Miami Dolphins’ quarterback), once again provides dick duty.

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